Order of the Red String!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I got somewhat creative this year with Christmas presents this year for my taekwondo friends.
I created a new “Secret Society” The Order of the Red String.
My you all stay hoisted and never learn how to do the jig!
Attached are pictures that I posted.






“Open Shop” Event – Building a Board Holder (Sunday, October 28th – 9am thru Noon)

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This Sunday October 28th, 9am thru Noon, I will be hosting a “Open Shop” event in Renton, WA. The event is open to all that are interested. We will be running the saws, drill press and bench sander making several “Board Holders” from raw lumber. We glue and assemble at least one Board Holder. Great chance to learn some basic shop skills and specifically how to build the board holder. Parents need to be present for children to be in the shop. Send me a email and I will respond with driving directions. Space is limited, I only have room for a dozen people. There is no fee to attend and participate. If you would like to to take home the board holder you built, it is just the cost of the kit (34.95 + tax).

Fredshands.com – Board Holder Kit

Fredshands.com – Board Holder

We are open for business… finally…Fred’s Hands …When you really want to break something!

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Finally got the shopping cart to work the way I thought it should. Got setup with the bank, Paypal, department of licensing, Fedex and a couple of vendors. Got the tools for the shop setup and had several dry runs building several kits to get the quality control out of the way. Lots and lots of little details. I turned on the new website with the shopping cart today. http://www.fredshands.com. So if any of you are in the market for a board holder for yourself or your school, check out the site . They make great presents!

Fred’s Hands – New video available!

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I just finished my first YouTube video for Fred’s Hands, showing how to glue-up the joints of the board holder kit. You can get it here. http://youtu.be/ERHQ4USK9as

Fred’s Hands – Will the work never end!

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I have been working hard this past week to get all the details finished for building the “Board Holder Kits”. I got the prototype of the kit finished. I bought several new tools (drill press and bench sander, shrink wrap machine). Found suppliers/vendors for all of the parts. Almost have all the shipping figured out (maybe in the morning). I had a four hour photo shoot this weekend on assembling the holder. I just finished the first draft of the assembly instructions. Click here to see it. Please post comments or send me email if something is wrong and/or confusing. I am hoping sometime soon, I will actually get to shoot the video putting a kit together. I can now actually take orders via email
. Order from Fred now! – Stay tuned! More to follow.

Have decided on my next business venture! [Fred`s Hands]


I have decided on my next business venture!

I am going to make and sell a board holder as a kit rather than put together.
Everything will be pre-cut and drilled and will include the screws, hardware and shock cord, plus written instructions. It will be shrink wrapped  in a flat package to make shipping cheaper and easier.  All you need to put it together is a phillips screw driver, some wood glue and maybe a piece of sand paper.. Should take less than 15 minutes to put it together. I am also going to record a YouTube video of how to assemble it.

The business name is going to be  “Fred`s Hands” I have a web domain and facebook page, http:// http://www.fredshands.com and http://www.facebook.com/fredshands , but nothing is up there yet.

It has only taken me all day, but I have a working model of the board holder measured, cut, drilled and assembled. Tomorrow I will make several more and shoot the video on how to put it together and take photos so I can finish the instructions and have something to put up on the website. It is a smaller version similar to the ones that I have built before. A little bit shorter and narrower to make it easier to handle and get in and out of the car. The price will be $34.95 + tax + shipping. Stay tuned, I should have the web site up, sometime in the next few days. Order from Fred now!



#1board holder kit

Found fifty-five (55) active Kim’s Taekwondo Schools so far!

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I have been doing some investigation and I believe that I have identified fifty-five (55) active Kim’s Taekwondo Schools around the country.

Check them out at Kim’s Taekwondo Schools Directory.

Let me know if I have it right!

Fred B. Antrobus IV

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