We arrived as planned in Yanji, China.


Sorry I have not posted until now.

We tried but the web site was not reachable from Yanji.

The flight from Seattle, WA was uneventful but long.

We arrived in Inchoen International Airport in Korea as plan and stayed the night at the Hyatt near the airport. Very classy place. We had dinner and went to bed and then got up for a 6am workout in the parking lot followed by breakfast at the hotel before our flight to Yanji, China.

I have some photos on the photo web site and many more to follow.

We arrived back in Seoul this evening, checked into the Hotel Kaya, went and had dinner at a Korean BBQ place around the corner. We all stopped off at a 7-Eleven and bought bottled water.

I will post more about the time in Yanji soon.

I am off to bed for now have a 6am workout.




There is a new way to get to this blog!

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You can now use http://www.fredsez.com to access this website.

I broke down last night and bought the new domain name and it is now working, I have a email address of fred@fredsez.com also.

I hope that it makes it easier for you all to remember.



Itinerary – TKD Goodwill Tour 2008

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Daily Routine
06:30 – 07:00 — Morning Taekwondo exercise
07:15 – 07:45 — Breakfast at USO
12:00 – 13:00 — Lunch
18:00 – 19:00 — Dinner

Meet at Alaska Airlines Ticket Counter, Portland, OR – 8:30am
09/20/08 10:30am — leave Portland, OR – Alaska Air flight # 2124V
09/20/08 11:20am — arrive Seattle, WA

Meet at Korean Airlines Ticket Counter, Seattle, WA – 11:30am
09/20/08  2:15pm — leave Seattle via Korean Air flight #26S
09/21/08 5:50pm — arrive Seoul, Korea Incheon Int Airport
09/22/08 10:20am — leave Seoul, Korea – Korean Air flight #825S
09/22/08 11:55am — arrive Yanji, China

Staying at Yanbian University, Yanji, China  http://www.ybu.edu.cn
09/23/08 — Yanji City Tour and Taekwondo Demo
09/24/08 — Taekwondo Team Competition with Chinese team
09/25/08 — Guided tour and Taekwondo Demo
09/26/08 — Guided tour and Taekwondo Demo
09/27/08 12:55pm — Leave Yanji, China – Korean Air flight# 826S
09/27/08 4:25pm — Arrive Seoul, Korea, Incheon Int Airport
09/28/08 — Worship and Itaewon city tour
09/29/08 — Korean folk village and Taekwondo Demo
09/30/08 — East and South Market, Museum, Old Korean Kings palace
10/01/08 — Korean War Memorial center, Taekwondo Demo
10/01/08 8:45pm — Leave Seoul, Korea – Korean Air flight #61S
10/01/08 4:00pm — Arrive Los Angeles, CA
10/01/08 6:30pm — Leave Los Angeles, CA – Alaska Air flight # 251V
10/01/08 9:16pm — Arrive Seattle, WA

Well the bags are packed and we are waiting for the plane…

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Master and Mrs. Henkel, Jeanie Ahn and myself, plus twenty five others will be leaving this Saturday (Sep 21, 2008) for China and Korea on Grand Master Kim’s annual Goodwill Tour.

I hope to be able to post additional blogs and photos of the trip and the events every evening.

So check back and see what we are up to.

The photos will be located at http://antrobi.smugmug.com/tkd

Feel free to add comments and feed back and let us know what you think.

My bag is packed and I am just adding the last few item for my carry on.


Has anyone else had a hard time finding a Taekwondo uniform that actually fits?

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I am considering creating a company to sell custom, heavy weight, high quality “western cut” dobaks and karate uniforms that actually fit non-standard body types.

Do you have a interest in buying a custom taekwondo dobak or karate uniform for the non-standard body?

Would you buy one if they were available?

What features would you like to see?

What problems do you have with the uniform you currently wear?

I have be practicing Taekwondo for over 19 years now, and I have never been able to find a dobak that fits me well. I wear a karate style jacket and pants. Now granted my body type is no where near the stereotypical martial artist body type. I am male, 6′ 4″ tall and 325 lbs, 56″ chest, 21″ inch neck,  44″ waist and have no hips. I am basically shaped like a rectangle. I have to buy 60L sports jackets because my shoulders are much larger compared to the rest of me. Anything smaller and the back rips out when I move my shoulders.  I tie my belt low at my hips so the dobak jacket is almost always too high waisted and has gaps at the sides. I have to re-sew the pants so that they tie at my hips  rather then the waist, if I don’t they just fall off.

Let me know your thoughts.