I am considering creating a company to sell custom, heavy weight, high quality “western cut” dobaks and karate uniforms that actually fit non-standard body types.

Do you have a interest in buying a custom taekwondo dobak or karate uniform for the non-standard body?

Would you buy one if they were available?

What features would you like to see?

What problems do you have with the uniform you currently wear?

I have be practicing Taekwondo for over 19 years now, and I have never been able to find a dobak that fits me well. I wear a karate style jacket and pants. Now granted my body type is no where near the stereotypical martial artist body type. I am male, 6′ 4″ tall and 325 lbs, 56″ chest, 21″ inch neck,  44″ waist and have no hips. I am basically shaped like a rectangle. I have to buy 60L sports jackets because my shoulders are much larger compared to the rest of me. Anything smaller and the back rips out when I move my shoulders.  I tie my belt low at my hips so the dobak jacket is almost always too high waisted and has gaps at the sides. I have to re-sew the pants so that they tie at my hips  rather then the waist, if I don’t they just fall off.

Let me know your thoughts.