Chris and I have been getting ready for our safari to South Africa!

I have been packing my suitcase and checking my equipment to make sure that I have not forgotten anything.

I have decided that I needed to buy a teleconverter to work with my existing 70-300mm telephoto lense so that it would work like a 500mm telephoto lense. (Think  you can see much farther away) I went to Ritz camera’s in Tukwila and tried their teleconverter out with my camera and lense. Everyting worked great. I then started checking out my lense again on my camera and the lense decided to stop working. It now make this grining noise everytime you turn on or off the camera.

To make a long story short, I not only bought the teleconverter, but I am now the proud owner of a second 70-300mm telephoto lense.

So the adventure begins…..