I have decided on my next business venture!

I am going to make and sell a board holder as a kit rather than put together.
Everything will be pre-cut and drilled and will include the screws, hardware and shock cord, plus written instructions. It will be shrink wrapped  in a flat package to make shipping cheaper and easier.  All you need to put it together is a phillips screw driver, some wood glue and maybe a piece of sand paper.. Should take less than 15 minutes to put it together. I am also going to record a YouTube video of how to assemble it.

The business name is going to be  “Fred`s Hands” I have a web domain and facebook page, http:// http://www.fredshands.com and http://www.facebook.com/fredshands , but nothing is up there yet.

It has only taken me all day, but I have a working model of the board holder measured, cut, drilled and assembled. Tomorrow I will make several more and shoot the video on how to put it together and take photos so I can finish the instructions and have something to put up on the website. It is a smaller version similar to the ones that I have built before. A little bit shorter and narrower to make it easier to handle and get in and out of the car. The price will be $34.95 + tax + shipping. Stay tuned, I should have the web site up, sometime in the next few days. Order from Fred now!



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