Reorganizing the directory listing!

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I have been reorganizing the Kim’s Taekwondo Schools Directory.
It is much easier to find school listings now!
I have been playing with the layout as well as grouping schools by state and city.
Let me know what you think.

Fred B. Antrobus IV


Working on the Kim’s Taekwondo Schools Directory!

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Since my last posting I have added many new listing and made edits and updates to the Kim’s Taekwondo Schools Directory. I have been looking though last years blackbelt directory, google, facebook and other websites for names and locations of schools and instructors. If you could review what I have so far and let me know if I got it right, I would appreciate it! I hate to missed schools and instructors or publish out of date information.

Thanks in advance,
Fred B. Antrobus IV

Creating a Kim’s Taekwondo School Directory

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I have decided that I would like to create a directory of all Kim’s Taekwondo Schools. I would like it to be a uptodate list of all schools and classes, large and small where someone from Kim’s Taekwondo is teaching. I have spent some time consolidating the information that I already have and doing some searches on the internet to research some more. As a start in this process I have created the Kim’s Taekwondo Schools Directory page.

Please have a look, if I missed a school or class, or I have something incorrect, please post a comment to the page and I will make the needed adjustnments.

Thanks in advance!
Fred B. Antrobus IV

We are back from South Africa and Paris!

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Chris and I are back from South Africa and Paris.

Chris spent most of the day Saturday posting the photos of the trip on to the web site.

You can see the photos at ,look at the SouthAfrica/Paris 2009 album

I am working on the video clips and should have most of them ready to be seen this weekend.

There will be a second album at the same location for the video clips.



The new adventure has begun and we have not left home yet!

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Chris and I have been getting ready for our safari to South Africa!

I have been packing my suitcase and checking my equipment to make sure that I have not forgotten anything.

I have decided that I needed to buy a teleconverter to work with my existing 70-300mm telephoto lense so that it would work like a 500mm telephoto lense. (ThinkĀ  you can see much farther away) I went to Ritz camera’s in Tukwila and tried their teleconverter out with my camera and lense. Everyting worked great. I then started checking out my lense again on my camera and the lense decided to stop working. It now make this grining noise everytime you turn on or off the camera.

To make a long story short, I not only bought the teleconverter, but I am now the proud owner of a second 70-300mm telephoto lense.

So the adventure begins…..



All the photos that I have so far are now posted!

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Hello All,

All of the photos that I have received so far have now been posted on the Photo site.

There are located at if the link above does not work for you.

I have not had a chance to remove duplicates, label or organize them yet. I will be starting on that this week. If you see obvoious errors or have suggestions, send me a email at



I am back from visting Seoul, Korea and Yanji, China!


I have been back for a few days now and have been getting caught up with my email, work and sleep (not neccessarily in that order). I have gather photos from a lot of other people and am starting to post them to the photo web site.

The photo site is most definitely a work in progress. So keep checking the photo web site for changes and updates.

So far I have 2869 photos (5.6GB) after getting rid of the obviously bad ones and duplicates. (Pictures of thumbs, blurred pictures, out of focus, someones back and table legs). I also fixed the rotation of a lot of the photos so that you won’t have to turn your head sideways to look at them. I am looking into ways of posting some of the videos that were shot, but that is way down on my list of things to do.

Anyway, it is going to take a while to get the all the photo posted, organized and labeled, but I have started the process.

If you see something I have miss-categorized or labeled incorrectly, let me know. If you see pictures that need to be removed or see things that need labels added and you know what they should be, also let me know.

Please make a list of what you find and include the album name, the photo name or description and what you think should be done with each the photo. Please send your lists to

If you have photo’s you wish to add to the photo site, go ahead and send them on dvd or cd via snail mail or email them as attachments to



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